What is Accent Reduction?

Accent Reduction, also referred to as Accent Neutralization, Accent Training, Business English, American English, and Accent Coaching, is used to help those with foreign or regional accents reduce their accent and transform their speech, resulting in clear, understandable English.

Who benefits from Accent Reduction?

Anyone! A common misconception is that only people learning English as a second language will benefit from Accent Reduction, but even native English speakers can benefit from Accent Reduction training.
Have you ever met an American with a thick Boston Accent or Southern Drawl? Many people born and raised with English as a first language still have heavily accented speech.

Accent Reduction Training will help someone from New York who just took a job on the radio in Texas. Accent Reduction Training will also help a native of India improve their pronunciation to help them appear more professional in an American setting. Whether you are multilingual or only speak English- AstiNova is here to help.

Our Services

At AstiNova we offer a wide array of services and options. All our classes are tailored to your needs and are taught online in real time. We offer single sessions, monthly packages, 12-week courses, and corporate options. No matter your needs, AstiNova has a program that will work for your schedule.

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