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At AstiNova we build Custom Accent Reduction plans for you and your employees.

Industries We Serve

Executives, Engineers, Lawyers, Managers, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Pharmacists

Corporate Clients

In addition to private lessons, we offer corporate packages to help you and your employees improve their accent and advance their communication skills.

Accents We Work With

At AstiNova we work with all languages but specialize in Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Persian, German, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, Indian, Filipino, Greek and Mandarin.

Services We Provide

Accent Assessments, Grammar Correction, Systematic Correction, Transfer Techniques, Accent and Speed Coaching, Report and Speech Analysis, and so much more.

What We Do

What We Do At Astinova

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Are you trying to determine if you need accent reduction services? Do you want to know where your accent stands? With our free assessment we determine the level of coaching you need to help you reach your goal to lessen your accent, gain confidence, and increase your understandability.

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What Clients Are Saying

My expectations about the service were surpassed not only because of Karen’s prowess in the subject, but also because the software we used for weekly practice ended up being an effective and flexible instrument to practice on my own, even...

The online sessions gave me the convenience of flexibility and the ability to adjust the training to work alongside my schedule. After the initial assessment, our sessions skyrocketed! There were several sounds that I had a bad habit of pronouncing...

At first I felt anxious because I thought learning English pronunciation was like sports, you can’t learn by watching it online. But after starting my lessons, my feelings changed immediately. The teacher corrected my pronunciation in a way that worked...

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At AstiNova we believe in your success. We offer personalized accent reduction and accent modification training to improve your English pronunciation. With certifications in P-ESL training we guarantee your improvement by 50% in twelve weeks or less. Don’t let frustrations with being understood hold you back. We’re AstiNova and we’re here to help you communicate with confidence.

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About Karen

"I’m dedicated to your success. No matter what your first language is- I want you to be understood and to feel confident."

Karen Astin is a licensed and nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) with certifications in pronouncing English as a second language (P-ESL). Astin holds extensive experience in the fields of accent reduction and modification, multi-cultural background language coaching, and professional communication needs.

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