Relocate Your Life

Posted on May 17, 2014 by karen
One of many pictures from my drive across the USA! From Charleston, SC to San Francisco, CA.
One of many pictures from my drive across the USA! From Charleston, SC to San Francisco, CA.

So, I quit my job. Then picked up my boyfriend at the airport. In the 20 minute ride home we decided we would move from Charleston, SC to San Francisco, CA.

I’m not kidding. But why?

Because I’m worth it. I mean this in all aspects of “worth.”  My time, education, experiences, patience, happiness, and morals all deserved more. I’m still head over heels in love with my career as a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). I just was no longer in love with the constant conflict I was living at my job. So I peaced out. 

My first experience with Accent Reduction was in graduate school with a client from India and I was hooked. However, coming out of school I went to work in Pediatrics and then transitioned to Geriatrics. It was when I was working with adults again that I realized how much I missed Accent Modification or Reduction. So I started it back up. Within a session I was hooked, again. This was the day AstiNova was born. Tada!

Why San Francisco? Because I couldn’t freaking help it. The culture just tied me up and dragged me here. Well, we considered Australia or New Zealand too. Maybe next time. I can’t explain the city lights, background hum, the taste or the feel of each and every different neighborhood. I’m in love with the motivated people. I couldn’t have asked for a more creative and innovative “new home” to grow in.


Stop whatever you’re doing and relocate your life. Where is it? Where is it heading? Where do you want it to go? If your life isn’t aimed where you want to be then you won’t get there. I want my life to learn, grow, and change. I want full control over my career. I want to work with people who want to change and improve. I want happiness. So I changed the course of my life and career. You don’t need to go to the extremes that I have gone to. But you do need to reevaluate your life- and do so often. I always want to be exactly where I am. If I wake up one day and find {here} is somewhere else… then I’ll make a change to get there.

Side Note: If you ever get the chance to drive across the country- Do it. America is absolutely gorgeous. It’s incredible the changes that occur from state to state.