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This answer varies depending on the assessment. After the assessment is complete we have an understanding of how long it will take to complete the Introduction to Target Sounds Course. This can range from 10-14 weeks for most clients. After the Intro to Sounds course- Most clients continue sessions to take their conversation skills to the next level. Our clients are always striving to maximize success and achieve big goals, and we are here to help!

We are everywhere! Karen has traveled near and far to work with clients on speeches, presentations, and to hold corporate events. Thankfully, all you really need is access to the internet and a computer with a webcam. Our clients prefer the flexibility of video conferencing. This way they can be away on business, vacation, at their desk, or even home relaxing when we work together.

Many of our corporate clients prefer that Karen come on-site. Some companies have many employees wanting to improve their English pronunciation. But- they don’t want their employees tied up for too long. So in these cases we do small group training.

Awesome question. It honestly depends on the level of need. Some clients have very few sound errors and they may only need 12-14 weeks. Other clients want to work until each and every sound error is worked on and practiced. Karen works with both individuals and corporate clients on their specific goals and needs.

P-ESL stands for Pronouncing English as a Second Language. It is a certification that uses research backed standards. From the first assessment to the weekly sessions and all the way to the practice work- everything has been researched and trialed. Studies have shown that if a client is with a P-ESL Certified Trainer for 1 hour a week and puts in the time and effort to complete the practice work that a 50% or higher improvement is shown at the end of 13 weeks. In fact- we can start seeing progress in as little as 8 weeks for clients who put in the effort on their own to try and carry over what they have learned in their courses.

A Speech-Language Pathologist is highly skilled in articulation and pronunciation. We are trained to know which muscles to exercise, how to direct airflow, and how to control voicing. ASHA stands for the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. This is a certification of clinical competency that Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) work hard to achieve. It is a certification of excellence that is supported from extensive education, research, and knowledge in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. A SLP has studied every single muscle in the mouth! They know the in’s and out’s and the uses of each and every one. More importantly- they can best describe and teach the proper placement of these muscles to produce the accurate speech sound needed for more proficient English pronunciation.