I’ll order the… um…. how do you say this?

Posted on January 20, 2014 by karen

I love Food.

There, I said it.

Splitting my time between San Francisco and Charleston, SC I’ve become very spoiled by the amazing food in both of these cities. I’m in love with the farm-to-table, fusion, and true authentic cuisines offered in these two spots. So when I stumbled across this article from Thrillist I had to share it.

Even though I specialize in the Pronunciation of the English Language- I don’t always know the correct pronunciation for many international words and phrases. There have been many times where I’ve asked a server or chef how to pronounce an item on a menu. How else would I learn? I wasn’t born knowing the right way to say everything. Thankfully, like you,  I was born wanting to learn to say it correctly.

So dive on into this fun site and see how well you pronounce some frequently requested foodie items!

How to Pronounce the 16 Most Confusing Food Words by Kristin Hunt